Stainless steel grade 441 is a ferritic stainless steel containing niobium that provides the steel good oxidation and corrosion resistance. This steel provides good high-temperature strength in exhaust gas environments, and has good for deep drawing, good ductility, good weldability, and good brightness. It polishes well. The 441 flat rolled stainless steel possesses magnetic quality in all conditions.

Available forms:  Coils, Sheets, Strips, Welded Tubes, Profiles

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Compositions

Element % Present (in product form)
Carbon (C) 0.03
Silicon (Si) 1.00
Manganese (Mn) 1.00
Phosphorous (P) 0.040
Sulfur (S) 0.015
Chromium (Cr) 17.5 – 18.5
Titanium (Ti) 0.10 – 0.60
Niobium (Nb) (3xC+0.30) to 1.00
Iron (Fe) Balance

Mechanical properties (at room temperature in annealed condition)

Product Form
Product Form C
Thickness mm Max 8
Yield Strength Rp0.2 N/mm2 Longitudinal 230
Transverse 250
Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2 430 – 640

Usage Areas

  • catering equipment
  • automotive-exhaust system